Not Mole

by Nothinghead

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released December 27, 2015



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Nothinghead Portland, Oregon

We gave up and became a ska band

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Track Name: Wash Me
you could always tell me
im just a liar, a fake, some misguided history
and if you washed me, you'd wash everything
to give yourself to a greater memory
you could always tell me
im not the one with the gun who gets off to dirty sex and knock offs and countless fuck offs
i could be a book that no one reads and no one ever buys
Track Name: Violence
you don't want violence
but you don't want self control
you just wana tell them
there's no point in dying old

and now ya pick up
all the pieces that ya broke up
and now you're fucked up
but that's okay cuz we can just get drunk
and in the morning
we'll have a different story
and we'll get horny
and we'll write a thousand love songs
and im sorry
yea im so sorry
that i turn meaning
into sexual grief
and im needy
yea im so needy
i need ya to need me
cause i cant turn myself on

well you break another finger
and then smoke your cigarette
would you tell me im no good
would you tell go to rest
would you pick up all the leaves
off our front yard in the fall
would you let the grass grow over or
keep digging into souls
can ya tell me im a number
can you say they're all the same
you're not special stupid slut
and then strap me down in chains
can ya read another number
can ya say it's not your name
can ya strip away the paint
can ya take the pain away

laos laos laos laos laos laos laos laos laos
Track Name: Blue Clouds Opened Up Legs
your friend said
ill go back there and then
i'll come back again but
if i don't
don't waste your time
cause i have pills and wine
and tv dvd movies
yeah i can make my new friends
out of friends lines
but right now i can't take the lasting gain over
blue clouds opened up up legs
im tired of wanting to hear
you're pretty i love you i'm so fucking sorry
and if i could change it all
i'd change nothing at all
id change nothing at all
i wouldn't change myself at all

you said
ok man that sounds great i guess that's a plan ok
but what happens when the movie ends and ya come outside and everything's changed
did you expect the world to stop when you started using again
did you expect it all to stop when you turned yourself up dead
oh god i wish i could help you but your a god in your own skin
you're a god in your own skin you're your own god in your own skin

well when you wake up
and ya shake
will ya stay will ya stay
here with me
but if you can't and
i know you can't
will you just let me know
if you ever can

and you told me to wait
for that judgement day
and when it came you said
just use a fake name